Continuing On From Last Time

In a similar vein to my last post, I’ve decided to write about something a little bit different to my overall favourite pastime (which I’m guessing you can deduce just by looking at the name of this website alone).

I wanted to take the time today to talk about my new husbands new favourite product.

Those of you who know me closely will be well aware that he is sporting some rather lovely facial hair of late. This wasn’t my personal request, but rather something he decided on his own accord.

He had quite a momentous birthday recently, and suddenly realised that he had never ever had a fully grown beard in his life. Can you imagine that? At the age of 50?

older man with beard

All of those years of wet shaving every single day, meant that he was able to grow quite a full and luscious beard very quickly indeed. In fact, I couldn’t believe the rate it was growing.

Before too long it was getting a bit out of hand. He invested in some scissors to help him quickly take care of any stray hairs. Despite that though he was finding his beard would become itchy and coarse, and also quite wavy, particularly in the morning.

After a bit of googling we came to the conclusion that beard oil was the item he needed.
This is quite a hot product online, so we did quite a bit of searching trying to find the right one for him.

After a while we came across this huile pour barbe (which is beard oil in french) on the Amazon France website. Despite having to fly to get here, it arrived fairly promptly (only a few days) and to be perfectly honest, my husband hasn’t looked back since.

He really loves his new oil and tells me every day that it makes his beard feel great. The only thing is that I wish my face felt that great at the same time too! Oh well!