Continuing On From Last Time

In a similar vein to my last post, I’ve decided to write about something a little bit different to my overall favourite pastime (which I’m guessing you can deduce just by looking at the name of this website alone).

I wanted to take the time today to talk about my new husbands new favourite product.

Those of you who know me closely will be well aware that he is sporting some rather lovely facial hair of late. This wasn’t my personal request, but rather something he decided on his own accord.

He had quite a momentous birthday recently, and suddenly realised that he had never ever had a fully grown beard in his life. Can you imagine that? At the age of 50?

older man with beard

All of those years of wet shaving every single day, meant that he was able to grow quite a full and luscious beard very quickly indeed. In fact, I couldn’t believe the rate it was growing.

Before too long it was getting a bit out of hand. He invested in some scissors to help him quickly take care of any stray hairs. Despite that though he was finding his beard would become itchy and coarse, and also quite wavy, particularly in the morning.

After a bit of googling we came to the conclusion that beard oil was the item he needed.
This is quite a hot product online, so we did quite a bit of searching trying to find the right one for him.

After a while we came across this huile pour barbe (which is beard oil in french) on the Amazon France website. Despite having to fly to get here, it arrived fairly promptly (only a few days) and to be perfectly honest, my husband hasn’t looked back since.

He really loves his new oil and tells me every day that it makes his beard feel great. The only thing is that I wish my face felt that great at the same time too! Oh well!

Something Different Pt. 2

I received a really nice response from the last post that was a little different to the main and overall theme of the website.

I’ve decided to write another similar post which I’m just adding the finishing touches to. Don’t go anywhere or you will no doubt miss out.

Let’s Talk About Something Different

Talking about candy all day long can get quite tiresome. That’s why I thought in this post I’d talk about something quite different for a change. You know, mix it up a bit. I gave my supposed subject a lot of thought and decided that there’s nothing better to talk about than my brand new moustache.

It might seem quite self indulgent of me to dedicate an entire post on my blog to a new tuft of hair that has formed on my upper lip, but what the hell! it’s my blog isn’t it! I realise that many of you won’t find this post useful or vaguely interesting at all, but hopefully you will find it entertaining.

The story of my moustache dates back to my days in secondary school as a young whippersnapper. Back then I thought I was the bees knees, and so did others, all until the other guys in my year started to grow facial hair. It all happened fairly quickly. A lot of them were sprouting pencil moustaches and small beards, but I had absolutely nothing to show.

I was a latecomer so to speak. It took me until I was about nineteen to sprout anything remotely similar to facial hair, and even then it was very sparse. I vowed to myself then that I wouldn’t even try to grow a beard or moustache as I knew it would just come out patchy and blotchy and would never look good in a million years.

Despite this, the odd hair still was growing on my face, and at quite a consistent rate. So I quietly kept to my own business and made a habit of wet shaving my face every one or two days just to make sure I snag those stray hairs that were cropping up.


Now, fast forward years in the future, and what I didn’t realise until recently is that all of my fastidious, ritualistic wet shaving actually helped induce the speed of the growth of my facial hair, and made them a lot thicker to boot.

I had no idea this is what happened, until I stopped shaving for a couple of weeks. I was on holiday and had forgot to pack my razors, so I decided not to shave for a few weeks. Lo and behold my facial hair was back with a vengeance! It was growing at an incredible rate and was as thick as you like! Since knowing this I’ve decided to grow myself a little moustache. I really enjoy having one, but at the beginning I found that keeping it in order wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. That was until I found this moustache wax to die for. It does an amazing job at making it stick in shape, and also makes styling it a breeze. You should give it a go too if you’re thinking of growing a ‘tache.

Tastes Like Candy

The candy chef is on its way back to bringing you awesome content week in week out. Yet again, in our upcoming post we’ll be delving into a subject i’m sure only a few of you will know about. I won’t go into too much detail here as I want to keep you intrigued.

At the end of the day, intrigue will bring you back to the blog to find out what the hell it is I am talking about!

The Many Uses of Vitamin C

As you probably know by now, I wanted to make this post similar to my first one in that it would be about a particular ingredient or item used in the kitchen that also has another completely different and dissimilar use.

It took me a while to think of one, but I got there in the end. So, today I want to discuss something called Vitamin C Serum. As you can tell, the serum itself contains vitamin c. Vitamin C is a nutrient that can be found in a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables. Famously, people usually associate vitamin c with oranges. Despite oranges being packed with the nutrient, there are in fact many other fruits and vegetables that have more vitamin c within them per gram.

vitamin c

Some of these include peppers, blackcurrants, kiwifruit, broccoli and even brussels sprouts. Despite this, my favourite food to cook with that does contain the nutrient is still oranges. It is generally considered that the vitamin plays an important part in keeping our immune system healthy and functioning properly. Other than being consumed, it can be used in a variety of different ways. One is as a serum that you administer to the skin on your arms and more importantly, your face.

I’m not sure exactly how it is supposed to work, but apparently doing this (applying the serum to your skin on a regular basis) more often than not will have some effect and in some cases can take years off your looks.

One day, I decided to put it to the test so I bought my very own bottle of the serum. I’m not incredibly old, but I do have some wrinkles forming on my face, especially my forehead, so I thought that the serum at least had a small job to do, especially as many of them are marketed as Vitamin C Serum for your face.

After two weeks of use I am actually very happy with the results. It looks as if my wrinkles are slowing fading, and I’ve received some nice compliments from close friends about my complexion, despite the fact that I haven’t told them what I’m doing. Looks like I’ll carry on using it for a while yet!

Many Important Items To Talk About

I quite enjoyed my last post where I talked about a particular item that can be used within cooking and for other things too. I think I might continue with this theme and do the same for my next post. I’m not quite sure what it will be about but I’m aiming to have it up at some point over the next few days.

The Secret Powers of Peppermint

The Candy Chef is here. Cooking really is my life, but there’s one particular field within the large realm of cookery that I really enjoy – cooking and making desserts.

I guess you could say that I have a sweet tooth, and personally I wouldn’t disagree with you! Today I want to discuss something that I’m constantly using within one my desserts and sweets, especially festive treats like candy cane, and that is something called peppermint extract. You make and extract it from the peppermint plant.

I buy a lot of this stuff and almost always have a decent amount of it stocked in my spice rack at any one time. Recently, I had the pleasure to learn from a friend that peppermint extract can also be used for many different things beyond cooking.

For instance, were you aware that the same extract is also a great skin supplement? I honestly had no idea. Now I don’t want you to immediately run to your kitchen, grab some peppermint extract and start applying it to your skin. This might not be the best thing to do. The smart thing to do would be to buy some peppermint oil that was specifically designed to be used on your skin.

oil made from peppermint

Luckily it’s not hard to find some products that contain a particular kind of peppermint oil that can satisfy all of its different uses. I purchased one in particular called mentha piperita peppermint oil. Apart from rubbing it into your skin, it is supposed to be great for aromatherapy.

You know how your sinuses feel after chewing peppermint gum for a short while. It’s a bit like that but much better. Some people buy things called oil diffusers that spray the oil around the house, but others sometime add it to boiling water, or put it into the bath.

Apparently it really helps to reduce headache pains, breathing problems like asthma, and sometimes even mental anxiety. How mad is that?

The Candy Chef

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